Mixing western imperatives with eastern wisdom.

Mixing corporate background with coaching expertise.

Mixing eye-opening insights with go-to actions.


Into a growth blend that works for you.


Werk je liever samen in het nederlands? Graag. Dat is mijn moedertaal.

Vous préférez la langue de Molière? Aucun problème.

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Hello, I am Geri.
I have had a life long interest in leadership and in teams. What I call Leadship & Teamship (www.zius.net).
I find it fun and also, because I am convinced there is a ‘double helix’ link between both.

Since 2010 my private practice focuses on the quality of leadship, the quality of teamship, and its impact on the organizational climate and the organizational performance.

I find it inspiring to work for non-profit as well as for-profit organizations. I enjoy helping major corporations and love working for start-ups and scale-ups as well. I feel privileged to have encountered so many inspiring persons over my years of practice so far.

When I am not out in the field coaching and mentoring, I like to create: blogs and books, cartoons and graphs. My publishing centers mostly on Leadship, on Teamship, on Trust and on Change.

Before coaching I worked over 25 years in industry. In large companies, in several countries and in several roles including  4 different times as managing director. I have served on boards including chairing them. Now all I want is to help others succeed.