“Geri guided me through my transition to General manager.
Where there was too little or too much I discovered building blocks to make my path.

(Young GM)

Through Skype & Webex
I support individuals and teams
covering many parts of the world

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Luzern      Amsterdam

London     Paris

Brussels     Sydney

Missions accomplished

* Scale-up company – MT coaching

* Start-up company – all member ‘on demand’

* Executive Team aiming for more cohesion.

* Director – starting to supervise teams in 3 countries

* VP – change of role; change of division;

* Local director – building his new team





Local talent; preparing for MT membership *

Newly promoted GM’s; first 100 days *

Talent nominated to new international role *

Co-coaching two ‘founding fathers’ *

Commission chairman *

Local/EMEA CEO involved in significant restructuring efforts *

Note:  For confidentiality reasons, the persons featuring in the pictures are not individuals who were coached by me.
They are people who inspired me when realising my books on leadship and teamship and during my coaching studies


Ania and I share the same passion for inspiration, leadship and in general ‘living from your soul’.
We graduated together as executive coaches from the Teleos Leadership ACTP program and like to help each other out on multi-country assignments.

Geri Brouwers

Brussels based



has no boundaries.


Let us help you

 to connect your dots.


Locally and internationally

Ania Lichota

London based


Formal training, education & certification

* Coaching The Shift; ICF accredited Team Coaching Training; 2017-2018
* Teleos Leadership Institute, ICF accredited Coaching Training (TCDP); 2014
* INSEAD: The Challenge of Leadership, Manfred Kets de Vries, 2004
* Television Training (VRT) (CCI); Crisis Communication (IFB); 2003
* IFB-Vlerick: Institute for Pharmaceutical Business Management, 2000-2001
* London Business School/Duke Univ.(NC/USA): Corporate Management Development,1992
* Successful Project Management (Ashridge, UK) , 1991
* International Operations Management (Ashridge, UK), 1990
* Marketing Management, IPO/UFSIA, Antwerp, B; 1988- 1989
* Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, 1981.




Formal Books (ISBN)

* On Leadship (‘de Summa’). (ISBN 9789491261190)
* On Teamship (‘de Sidera’); (ISBN 9789491261350)

Teaching books

* On Trust (‘On Trust versus Transactions’).
* On Change (‘On Change that happens to you and your teams’)

For more on Geri’s publications check www.zius.net




I love sharing about teamship & leadship on:


Teachings & lectures

* IFB (Institute Pharmaceutical Business)  –
* MBI ( UMC Utrecht-Vlerick Business School)  –
* Physicians Federation (BeAPP)  –

* In house speaching & lecturing.

My Passion
Helping Others Expand in Breadt and In Depth,
both Teams and Talents.

My Purpose
Enriching Leadship and Teamship,
across the world, across society.

My Practice
Mentoring, Coaching, Creating.